Discover sustainable mobility with motion rent and fun in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Enjoy an unforgettable experience with our 100% electric Fauro Venice scooters

Enjoy an unforgettable experience with the 100% electric motorcycles by motion rent & fun. Most of the people who try them confirm that they are very easy to drive and a unique experience, as they do not feel the vibrations, noise or fumes, just accelerate and brake; limited to 45km/h, they can be driven by anyone with an AM, B or higher driving license. They are the perfect vehicle to move around our city centers, but also to visit those coastal roads or those that take us to the mountains and picturesque towns in the interior of the island, as you will see in our photos.


With two removable batteries, 30-35 km range each, and the provided charger working with any conventional plug, get ready to enjoy the island in a unique way.


“They look like a toy, they are so pretty, but they are very functional and reliable, and easy traveling, in silence, a marvel, we have enjoyed it a lot” Customers usually comment and that's it indeed. To be approved by the E.U. (Euro5, zero emissions) must meet the most demanding safety standards worldwide.

Take advantage of the privileges of a 100% electric scooter and you will not have to think about gas stations, you will always have a conventional plug at hand and it consumes energy like charging a mobile phone.